Lillebror, 2020
Shrink wrap and studio materials
Variable dimensions
Mand, 1990-2016
Graphite on paper in clip glass frame with styrofoam
23 x 31 cm
Space shifter, 2015
Stainless steel
300 x 50 x 86 cm
Still life arrangement, 2018
Shrink wrap, euro-pallet and studio materials
Variable dimensions
Untitled (painting), 2018
Gouache on dried maple leaf painted by a child
25 x 30 cm
Untitled (Black painting no. 1), 2020
Acrylic paint and oil paint on linen
150 x 120 cm
L'ombelico del mondo, detail, 2018
Wooden toys by the artist and his father, plastic box and exhibition catalogue
Variable dimensions
RAL 6002, 2018
Acrylic paint and wood
Various dimensions