Ulf, 2020. Painting done by the artist's nephew, watercolor, brush hair, paper, clip glass frame and styrofoam, 23 x 31 cm
Ulf, detail
Space shifter, 2015. Stainless steel
Space shifter, installation view
How to build a house and sell it, 2017. Acrylic paint, graphite, paper on mdf, 24 x 44 cm
Untitled, 2019. Oil, acrylic paint, thread, felt and linen on canvas, 45 × 60 cm
Untitled (Capital Y), 2019. Oil, acrylic paint, staples on primed linen, 29 × 45 cm
Still life arrangement, 2018. Shrink wrap, euro-pallet, paintings, books, furniture and other studio materials
Still life arrangement, detail
Still life arrangement, installation view
Untitled (self portrait), 2018. Acrylic, trousers, enamel and oil paint on canvas, 225 x 160 cm
Untitled (self portrait), installation view
L'ombelico del mondo, 2018. Wooden toys made by the artist and his father between 1980-1990, smartstore plastic box
L'ombelico del mondo, detail
RAL 6002, 2018. Wood, screws and acrylic paint
RAL 6002, installation view
RAL 6002, installation view
Pastoral click, 2019. Acrylic paint and book pages on linen, 28,5 x 25 cm
Pastoral click, detail